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Silence for Manchester

What prompts these mentally deranged lunatics to target innocents?!  Yesterday there was a bombing at the Manchester Arena which has done exactly as it intended to do:  cause panic and chaos.  The target of this particular traumatic event was an area filled with teenagers and their parents.  The outrage is […]

When Good Intellectuals Go Bad

Recently I’ve been watching a number of my cohorts, who I do consider to be intellectuals, turn rapidly more rancid in their thinking and rhetoric.  The current geopolitical environment has polarized people to the level of utter stupidity and phantom chasing. Not only do my friends no longer research the […]

Observations on the British Driver

Seriously!  What the heck is wrong with British drivers?  Aside from the total disregard for anything which comes out of the rules of the road book, they all seem to have some form of depth perception problem, which is something coming from a person who doesn’t have any depth perception […]

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