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Yesterday I went to my mother’s resting place at the mausoleum.  It’s been over ten years since I’d been there; the last time was when Michael wished to go and ask for permission to marry me.  I had to ask the attendants there where she rested because I couldn’t remember […]

The Art of Holding It All Together

The past year was an incredible learning experience for me.  The loss of my beloved husband, Michael, threw my world into turmoil that I’d never imagined.  We planned on forever but it’s obvious that other plans were in motion by agents unknown which tossed a monkey wrench into the works. […]


As I’m down here in Florida to clean out a storage locker that my late husband and I have been paying for for the past ten years, I decidecd to pay a visit to my step-father, see how he’s doing.  I haven’t seen him or talked to him since I […]

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