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Silence for Manchester

What prompts these mentally deranged lunatics to target innocents?!  Yesterday there was a bombing at the Manchester Arena which has done exactly as it intended to do:  cause panic and chaos.  The target of this particular traumatic event was an area filled with teenagers and their parents.  The outrage is high, as it should be, even for those without parents.  What possible infraction to your cause did these people do?  What effrontery could they have possibly created with their very existence?  And what was going through your pathetic mind when you decided that this would be the perfect way to get your vague and obscure message across, you sad and sorry individual with a bomb?

All that you are is a coward, and the lowest of the lot.  It’s been said that the bomber himself died in the explosion, and good riddance.  Good riddance to anyone who purports this method of institutionalized terror upon innocents.  You want to have your war, you want to have your cause?  Then go about it with some degree of human fashion, otherwise you’re nothing more than a base degenerate.  I wouldn’t even call this person and animal because animals treat each other better than the human race does.

Was this person in the sights of the government agencies?  Did this person ping some sort of alert?  Why wasn’t there any qualified people to search the venue?  Nor give a once over to the participants of this doomed event?  In this day how could these venues not take the necessary precautions for something like this?  Is this an indication that once more the human race has become complacent and lax?  It’s only after incidents like this that the government agencies move into action.  Perhaps it’s because the agencies need the evidence tying it all together so they have to wait for 22 people (or more) to get blown to smithereens before they can go knocking down doors and preventing another disaster of this type.

Massacres and slaughters boggle my mind.  The intense cruelty in which these acts are planned then executed is something which I can logically perceive and yet not accept as behavior fitting the human race.  The amount of suffering now inflicted upon the wounded and the surviving family members may give these bastards some degree of glee, for a moment, but the outrage of those peripheral actors on the stage will hopefully bring about some form of positive change.  Since the human race will almost always take the stupid and easy route, it wouldn’t be a shock if the outrage turned to rage towards more innocents and the cycle continues.  The human race is very good at one thing:  never learning from the past mistakes of their forefathers and thus, history repeats.

Following this event, mournful as it is, there will be the quintessential vigils, the insipid gatherings with candles and holding hands, tears falling for those people lost yet never known.  The human race will hold hands, say their prayers, sing their songs.  When the tears have dried and the songs have lost their sound, they’ll go back to looking at their phones and being mean to each other on social media.  Long after the names are forgotten, the human race will just go back to being miserable to each other, rather than exsecting the cancer from society which is this underlying (and often unnecessary) anger and hatred.  It started building with the discontent of Generation Y back in the 90’s, with their music of despondency and now has come to fruition in the new millennium.  We have an entire generation of pent-up anger, possibly at the previous generation, possibly at nothing, now looking for a cause to give vent to their spleen.

These people think they have a cause.  The only cause they have is their own delusions.  And just think:  this is the generation that’ll be in power when we’re old and grey.  Oh great diving being(s), you might as well send the damned asteroid now.

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