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The Dream Above

I don’t dream.  I haven’t in years.  I suffered horrible night terrors when I was younger and one day, they stopped and I dreamt no more. Before the untimely end of my beautiful husband, I had these odd waking dreams.  Not full on fantasies, because I was well aware and […]

The Empty Chair

Every night I come home to the house and our furry babies, 4 cats.  I open the windows and put in the screens so they can enjoy the fresh air.  I go down to the office which used to be my late husband’s dialysis room and give Xena, the eldest […]

Dreadful Nights Out

I think that I can honestly say that I’ve never had a good night out in Leeds, even when my husband and I went together. I find the gay bars in Leeds to be dreadful at best.  The community itself seems to be stuck in the 1990’s.  It’s like stepping […]

Attempts to Rebuild my Life

In my struggle to get my life back in order after the untimely demise of my beautiful husband, Michael, I’ve been making the vain attempt to get out and try to meet people.  I’ve gone about a complete reorganization of my wardrobe, putting the black drapes of fashion to the […]

The Art of Grieving

Since the colossal inception of the vulgarities called talk shows, I found the public display of grief repugnant.  Perhaps it’s just how I was raised, or maybe I have more moral fiber than the common person, but I’ve always considered the grieving process to be a selective and private matter. […]

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