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8 Months

It’s almost 8 months on from the dreaded morning which destroyed my beautiful life.  8 months of surviving without my beloved Michael.  8 months of sorting out our lives, closing and opening accounts, and doing things which I’d never had to do before. It’s been 7 months of ripping DVD’s […]

The Dream Above

I don’t dream.  I haven’t in years.  I suffered horrible night terrors when I was younger and one day, they stopped and I dreamt no more. Before the untimely end of my beautiful husband, I had these odd waking dreams.  Not full on fantasies, because I was well aware and […]

Of Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese

For some reason today I’ve been smelling tomato soup.  I don’t think I have any in the house and that’s not really a culinary delight which I’d smell from the other houses in the neighborhood. My Michael used to enjoy tomato soup and grilled cheese, probably as much as I […]

The Empty Chair

Every night I come home to the house and our furry babies, 4 cats.  I open the windows and put in the screens so they can enjoy the fresh air.  I go down to the office which used to be my late husband’s dialysis room and give Xena, the eldest […]

Remnants of the Future

It was a beautiful picture we painted.  My Michael and I created such beauty with love.  We met on a blank canvas; anything could happen.  The picture glittered in the bright sun like a million gems against the landscape.  Each day added another spark of brilliance, blazing against the dark.  […]

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