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The Insides

A little about me, and more to come, no doubts.

Gender:  Wholeheartedly male

Sexual orientation:  Indescribeably Gay

Status:  Blissfully married

Age:  timeless

Politics:  Not concerned with the plight of the human race

Words to describe Wildcat:  magickal, logical, dark humor, twisted, cPTSD survivor, loyal, bushido, witty, feline

Michael Ehrhardt

Permanenter Ausstellungsraum

As Told by Sid

You no longer have a secret, you have a story.


The incessant buzzing inside your head

Gregory Josephs

Writings and Curiosities


Avatar Creation & Customization

Aamir Aqeil Azfer

Writer with endless thoughts and emotions.


The incessant buzzing inside your head