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When Good Intellectuals Go Bad

Recently I’ve been watching a number of my cohorts, who I do consider to be intellectuals, turn rapidly more rancid in their thinking and rhetoric.  The current geopolitical environment has polarized people to the level of utter stupidity and phantom chasing.

Not only do my friends no longer research the topic at hand, to deter the ‘false news’, bogus stories, hoaxes, myths, and outright lies that are out there, they seem to be actively seeking news items or stories to get themselves riled up.  I can say that I’m fairly proud of myself for NOT unfriending people in Facebook or unfollowing in other social media due to anyone’s particular views, especially during the past year when highly volatile topics seemed to crop up worst than weeds.

I’m thankful for the fact that my generation may have been the last generation to be taught in our school system the fine art of THINKING.  Yes, we were taught to question, to seek answers.  We were taught that the printed word often is a matter of perspective.  For that matter, so is the verbal word.  I have an analytical mind, highly clinical and gives the impression to most that I’m as cold as stone.  I take in the current data, look around for other points of view, search out the various variables which could lead down a path.  Once all available information has been gathered and processed by my overly used mind, I can finally make a determination for myself what is.  And I actually know the definition of what is is, Mr. Clinton.

I don’t typically involve myself in the politics of the human race, considering that I’m higher on the evolutionary ladder than humans, semi-evolved simians that they are.  I’ve been watching over the years the de-evolution of the human race.  Their politics reflect it.  When given a choice between what seems the most sensible and logical solution or one that’s completely fanciful and false, they’ll often make a bee-line straight to the latter, dismissing the former as hogwash at best, sheer sorcery at worst.

To the future of the world, I just have to advise that they should begin to be skeptical, be a bit cynical.  Not everything is based in fact and facts can be skewed to fit any argument.  Instead, seek the truth.  If there’s too big a discrepency between stories, odds are someone is trying to gain something.

One truth I’ve learned over the years is people always have an agenda and they want you on their side.

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