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Revisiting A Trip Through Paradise

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One of my lovely readers posed a question to me in email asking what happened to SL Gor as it used to be so lively and now it’s just laggy and there’s no one around.  While I did respond through email, I thought I’d throw that out here as well.

I took Wildcat out of SL Gor a good many months back because SL Gor was becoming downright stupid.  Now when I entered into SL Gor, it was mainly ‘by the book’, meaning that they interpreted this fantasy world based on exactly what was in the book.  If it wasn’t touched on in the books (of which there are 36!), then it wasn’t accepted as Gorean.  This also meant that any ‘gay Gor’ cities were persona non grata.  Many of the regular city states wouldn’t have anything to do with a gay Gor city.  Eventually some did break ranks and would role play there.

Due to the ‘outcry’ of ‘discrimination’ more cities came around to deal with gay Gor sims, although tenatively.

Then came ‘Gor Evolved’.  There were more and more gay Gor sims being created.  As they were, the general philosophies of Gor and the role play suffered.  They started bringing modern ‘Earth’ views into the mix.  Suddenly, it was Gor for Earthers.

Now I lived through the influx of outlaw bands, when everyone just had to be an outlaw, therefore the cities didn’t have many citizens.  I lived through the ‘Tuchuk’ influx, where everyone decided they were going to be Wagon People, even though they were just outlaws with less clothing.  I lived through the massacre of language where everyone spoke the fake Gorean language that never showed up in the books.  I managed to survive transgender slaves, gothic Frees and the idiocy of Gorean animals.

And then I’d had enough.  So Wildcat packed up his bags when Venna collapsed, the last bastion of decent gay Gorean values, and walked away from SL Gor.

During the time in Venna, I had a call from my good friend Master Ember that he needed help with his city, Asperiche.  Holding true to my Gorean values, I wouldn’t ‘dual Home Stone’ so Wildcat couldn’t just fill in as a Scribe.  Nor would I leave Venna until the bitter end because of my loyalty.  So I had to split my time between Wildcat in Venna and Armand in Asperiche.

Armand was more Gor Evolved friendly but still played according to the old values.  Asperiche was a good place but there were those who let their personal drama get in the way and eventually, as you can imagine, destroyed the city.  That does seem to be the case, doesn’t it?

Armand went from one city to another and all of them were good but not great.  I’ve not yet found one city where the old values are preserved and the role play is good enough for me to be interested.  Most of the cities seem to be either focused on getting raided all the time so they can have their little capture sex scenarios or they’re too accepting of everyone which waters down the role play.

When I was in SL Gor, I had mentors who taught me how to behave.  I had to take tests to make sure I was up to the task.  I started out as a warrior and had to perform tasks for my leader.  Even as an assassin the training was rigorous.  Now anyone in black can call themselves and assassin, and the warriors don’t even wear red!

Needless to say, being in the UK has it’s drawbacks when it comes to SL.  My time isn’t their time, as SL seems to be US centric still.  So I would often find myself alone in the cities, even when I visited.  Or people expect someone else to start the role play, instead of initiating it themselves.  I saw a lot of people standing around idly in their houses, not in the public areas, so unless I wanted to burst in on someone’s private space and get it going, there wasn’t any role play to be had.

Now, as for the lag in SL Gor, that’s tremendous.  Is it the scripts from the weapons, attachments, clothing, hair?  Highly possible although a lot of sims now measure that and prohibit people over a certain mark.  Is it the sculpted prims or mesh?  Highly likely since I lag mainly on sims that have high mesh content.  Either way, if you can’t move, you can hardly have adequate role play.  I can confirm that it takes a long time for anything to rez on a Gorean sim, and I love it when my radar tells me that someone is completely off the sim even when they’re about 20 m from me because they’re mesh avatars.  It only seems to happen on Gor sims though.

So there’s my thoughts, my dear Roulon.  Solutions?  For Wildcat, it might be creating his own city with the old school values and a high vetting system.  It could be that he’s standing all alone yet again.  For Armand, oh he’ll just stumble through.  He always does.

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