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From Blogger: A Trip Through Paradise

Originally Published on Blogger:  09 Nov 2015

My most recent bout with PTSD is coming to an end.  It’s been nearly a month of exhausting hell once more.  And what brought this one on?  Online drama.

I’ve got this avatar in SecondLife, an online virtual world, named Armand.  He’s a sweet, naive little guy who is a Scribe in Asperiche Island, one of the sims involved in the world of Gor, which is a fictional world created by the author John Norman.  Since the creation of Armand, I’ve managed to connect with some pretty fun people.  But as with all things, people come with their own set of issues.

A boy (slave) named jael for example.  He’s a lovely guy, and a bundle of psychological issues, just like me!  He’s been a friend of mine for years, and I enjoy him immensely.  His character bounces around a lot.  Personally, I think he’s searching for something but not finding it with the idiots he gets hooked up with.  I spend my time just chatting with him, helping him to sort things out, and maybe getting him to figure things out for himself with gentle nudges.

He was a slave in the Oasis of Two Scimitars, a very active sim, and had gone through a series of owners.  Each and every one of them a complete nightmare for him.  So he was with the First Sword of the city and issues arose.  So the First Sword took back his collar, thereby abandoning jael, because of whatever the issue was.  jael then left Scimitar and showed up on the shores of Asperiche.  Meanwhile, the First Sword publicly posts a notice that jael had run away;  foolish, I know, because he’d taken back the collar.

In Asperiche, the Ubar takes jael in, gives him the city collar and then orders the city Physician to remove the Scimitar brand on the boy’s leg.  At no point did the city of Scimitar notify the city of Asperiche, which is their ally, of a runaway slave.  Nothing from the kennels, zip!  So the Ubar and citizens of Asperiche would have no knowledge of this declaration.

The Physician spends a good many hours of surgery role play on jael, in addition to the recovery role play which took days.  So far jael is happy with his new home.

Of course, the minute that jael arrives, he also meets Armand.  I did let him know who I am and he was thrilled.  We spent a lot of time role playing when I was on.  I was planning to take him in, but these things take time and I had to check with my current boy, oman, if he’d be okay with it.  Things look good, right?

Now the fun starts….

jael got bored, apparently, with the lack of activity in Asperiche.  So what did he do?  He ran right back to that First Sword and got involved again!  He did post the he publicly returned to Scimitar as well, to the Scimitar group and to the Asperiche group.  The Physician went bat shit crazy.  This is where Armand got involved.  The Physician grabs Armand for a meeting, and his slave is there.  Now I know for a fact that the information gained by the slave is from out of character, not in character.  One of the biggest no-no’s in role play is the use of OOC information while IC.  The Physician wants me to go to Scimitar and demand payment for the time spent removing the brand.  Fair dues, it’s my job as a Scribe.

Armand goes to Scimitar and speaks to the Head Slaver who tells him that jael returned on his own, he’s no longer considered a runaway, and people are upset that the brand was removed by the Ubar and Physician.  I didn’t think it was time to quibble over some coins.  I explained to him that Asperiche was unaware of the boy’s status as nothing had been sent to us to let us know and we only had the word of the boy to go on.  Armand heads back to Asperiche to update the Physician.

And so it begins…

Upon arriving, I get at least three different people in my private messages, all bitching about the situation.  Also, the Physician went to Scimitar to have a go at the Physician there and get some back up on the case.  Apparently the Physician there told him to get stuffed, making the situation worse.  The situation escalated to the point where Scimitar was going to drop Asperiche from their allies list and void the treaty.  The Ubar, meanwhile, was on a two week vacation, so he’s unaware of all this nonsense and his girl slave was handling it all, to the best of her ability.

All this crap spread over a two week period of sheer hell.  I had her complaining to me, the Physician complaining to me, the Head Merchant in my box.  And I was trying to keep jael calm as things with him and the First Sword went awry from the get-go.  I got to the point where I basically told everyone to sort it out themselves and if they need Armand, get him involved IC only.

So…. the situation was entirely voided upon agreement between Scimitar and Asperiche.  Which means none of it, his runaway, the brand removal, etc, happened.  You’d think it would go back to normal, right?  Wrong.  The Physician leaves Asperiche, with his boy, and then the Head Merchant follows him.  The girl slave is hysterical thinking the Ubar is going to be pissed.  The slavers of Asperiche have no clue why this all a big situation.  And I’m there, trying to tell them without exposing alts, that the whole situation never should have begun in the first place.

Thankfully the situation turned out fine in the end.  A month later and we’ve lost a lot of people but the relationships in the city are still in place.

As for me, I’ve become a little more guarded about who I let close.  I don’t need to be dragged into other people’s situations.  I got enough on my plate!

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