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A Dream of Celebrity (Saving Justin Bieber)

I had a dream months and months ago which surprised me, since I don’t normally dream about anything.  I close my eyes when my head hits the pillow and then begrudgingly open them when my husband calls out it’s time to get up.  I know that people say, “you still dream”, but it’s not the case here.  I bypass REM and dive into something far deeper.  It probably explains a lot of why I’m guano crazy.

Anyhow, the dream…

I dreamt that I was sitting at home, whose home I don’t know, on the sofa with Justin Bieber.  We were just talking, and I got the impression that I was in the position of acting like a big brother to him.  We spent hours just talking about his career and his antics, with me proposing advice as needed (and unwanted).  And then I woke up.

My immediate response upon waking was the typical WTF above my head.  I didn’t know much about Bieber.  I hadn’t even heard any of his music at this point.  All I knew was what I’d been seeing in the papers; this was back when he was being quite a prat.  At the time, he sure as hell needed a big brother to give him a good smack upside the head.  I felt this was one of the most surreal dreams which my head ever produced.

As this dream lingered in my mind over the course of the day, I remember thinking to myself that it would be beneficial if he had more positive influences around him.  At the time he had a dreadful crew which I’d always suspected were the cause of all these antics.  Even his father was a sponger and a chain around his neck.  Shortly after this, I think he finally cracked and hit some sort of bottom.  Then he came back with his latest album, and he shot back up into the spotlight, in a good way.

While some may focus on his previous incarnation, I have to say, I’m not necessarily a fan of his, but I do admire him for bouncing back, and I think he should be proud of how far he’s come.  He was thrust into the public eye, never having a childhood or teenage angst without scrutiny.  The weight of so many fans always grasping at him must have been both gratifying and consuming.  His romances were doomed for failure because of this public spotlight on him.

I watch now and smile as he does well.  I chuckle at the occasional misstep, as one would do.  I think, in the long run, he’s going to do fine.  He’s shed the monkeys from his back, turned a corner and put himself back on track.  I hope that he has the positive support to get him through.

Maybe he has  a big brother watching out for him.  Or maybe a guardian angel.

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