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Wildcat and the Angry Witch (or is it Wildcat is the Angry Witch)

I must apologize to the world for my vehement protestations on society.  The truth of the matter, it appears to me, is that they can’t help themselves.  I think that society as a whole have been coddled, wrapped in bubble-wrap, set upon a soft path to their own unaware demise.  For a long time now, a good 10-20 years that I can think of, I’ve seen a degeneration of self-responsibility.  It started with blaming others for their behavior and has now rapidly moved on to blaming all of our ills on the government, imagined phantasms, or shibboleths.  They absolve themselves of any responsibility because some organization or government agency has taken the power away from them, created some false protection for them, or otherwise made them into drones, bleating the party line without any consideration that the words spoken are soulless and baseless.

Society, as a whole, seems to have gradually built up this anger over the years, yet haven’t acted on it accordingly, allowing the status quo to become status worse.  I predicted years ago about the backlash to the gay community due to some of the ways that we went about getting rights.  I predicted years ago about the Crusades not being over.  I predicted years ago about race issues coming to a head.  All of these things were patterns of the past which anyone with a keen eye for observations would have seen, and following the current path of destruction which society seems to be following.  It’s not hard to do if you don’t focus on your self and focus on what’s happening around you.

As a result of all this anger, the powers that be, the forces in charge, the people who our angry society have put into some modicum of power have decided to act, to protect society from itself.  Technically, society did it to itself.  One of the major casualties of any war is the truth and now the truth is buried so deep in the ground that it won’t see the light of day unless the whole garden is torn up.  Are we looking at a series of impending revolutions?  Watch and see.

I’ve also said in the past that a global society is impossible for the human race;  it’s not in their very nature.  Humans, in general, are greedy and gluttonous now.  Humans today want the easy way, they want it now, it’s all about convenience.  The concept of hard work, the glory of a job well done, those are things of the past, as I am.  I doubt we’ll be seeing any society similar to Star Trek or these utopian science fiction fantasies anytime soon.  By the way, those usually came about after a global war, when they players on the scorched field had a chance to reflect with their addled brains, take a look around with their remaining eye, and make an attempt to create a better place with their slightly charred remaining limb.

I’ve recently had to walk away from Facebook.  Too many people are saying the most blatantly idiotic things that I fear I’ll sink into a pit of despair and cover myself over with powered enamel from my grinding teeth.  I can’t watch the implosion of this society anymore.  I’ve endured two huge political nightmares in the recent years and I won’t go through this again without going ballistic on someone for some reason which may be only for my own amusement.  I’ll continue my blog, and check the social media that I have to, but for now, Wildcat is walking away from society to keep from unleashing the anger within in a cataclysm.

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