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The voyage of discovery has taken me to many exotic locations within the sphere of self, and I’m happy to still be sailing the sea of existentialism, having not capsized over the shoals, whirlpools and occasional krakens that arose.  The ship has docked at a wonderful place, the Manchester Leathermen group.

A year ago, my husband and I went to see Avenue Q in Manchester, booking a whole weekend getaway for this.  After the show, my husband wasn’t feeling up to going out, so I went on my own down to the Quarter on Canal Street.  I popped into several bars, had a few drinks (one at each, just to patronize), and wandered the streets feeling as I usually do:  I don’t fit into this picture.  Honestly, I never have.

As I was walking past the canal, I spied upon the leathermen across the water on a barge, which was part of a restaurant.  I stood there waiting, as they seemed to be breaking up a meeting or some such thing, hoping to catch their attention.  When they came down the walkway, I inquired as to where people like myself would go to enjoy themselves.  Seeing how I was wearing a long black leather coat, they told me to follow them, which I gladly did.  We chatted along the way and I found out they were part of a social group.  We went to the Eagle where we talked some more and they told me of the group;  they seemed like a great bunch too!

When my husband and I woke the next morning, I imparted my little adventure to him and told him I was going to sign up.  Now, he’s more into the leather scene than I am so I figured that this would be a good way to get the door open for him.  I also had been involved with the leather community in Chicago and other cities, they having accepted me where no other group would.

It’s fairly sad to say that I’m still in the process of discovering my sexual nature, at this advanced age.  As far as the leather / BDSM community, I’m still not sure where I would fit in.  I don’t find leather to be a particular fetish for me.  I just wear it all the time.  I don’t think I’d make a good submissive, as I have a highly dominant personality.  And I don’t think I’d be a good dominant as I tend to fall into submissive personae at times.  Sometimes I think it’d be nice to have a collar on and a master there, but I wonder if I’d just be a colossal failure at it.  I’ve always had this authority problem in the past.  I’m not sure if I’m interested in bondage, or spanking, or any of the other aspects of this genre.  I can say that I knew there were a multitude of nooks and crannies to the realm of sexuality, I just don’t know exactly what parts of the buffet I choose to indulge in.

I’ve been with this group for a year now.  I’ve been to their meetings, their gatherings and the whole Leather Weekend.  I’ve met some amazing people.  There’s a huge amount of support within the group and I’m hoping that I’ll find my way.  If not, I’m still a huge supporter of leather communities around the world.  They took in a lost wildcat years ago and kept him from going feral.

Good things come to those who wait.

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