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The Fury and the Wrath

I ran across an article yesterday which sparked fury in me.  Not so much of a surprise as I tend to get on my horse when I read about injustice and go tilting at windmills.  But the last time this rage rose in me was the Orlando incident.  I was in Gran Canaria at the time and vowed to use my power to rip up the terrorists.

And now I have a new focus closer to home.

The Sun glad rag decided to take it upon themselves to out an inocuous individual yesterday, not just as gay but as a porn star.  Now this guy has a new profession which he’s just started in, and he’s doing well according to reports, so why has this sad excuse of a ‘newspaper’ taken it upon themselves to run this story?  Out of the millions of people out there, why this ONE individual?  Why try and ruin his life?  What has he done to deserve this attention?  The amount of outrage on that article was both pleasing to see and astounding that there was outcry.

I am sick to death of the media today, social media included, and there’s no governing of themselves nor by any nation.  No one takes responsibility for the lives they ruin, either by an organization or an individual.  They try to stand behind flimsy laws when the truth of the matter is that they’re completely out of hand.  And yet the general public will continue to titillate themselves by buying into their product!  Well I say SHAME on them and SHAME on you for your contribution to the problem.

And now I once more call upon all forces, earthy, infernal and angelic, to rip the Sun to shreds.  Hackers hack, and witches do your magick.  People stop throwing your pounds at this pack of wolves, funding their feast on your souls.  Show the media that we aren’t going to take this spreading of lies nor the ruining of lives for sales anymore.  The human race deserves much better than what they’re getting as far as information and it’s up to the human race to rise up and get the standards changed.

Only you can prevent idiocy like this.

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