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The Agony Aunt and Memories of Auntie M

A long time ago in a city far and away, the Gay Chicago Magazine (yes, it was called that back in the 80’s which was daring!) ran a column which was like a sarcastic, cynical Dear Abby.   The writer went by the nome-de-plume of Auntie M.  I must say that I always looked forward to those columns and I think I derived the majority of my cynical nature from them.  Auntie M was right on target with the advice although with the darkest twists of humor to them.

So I think a new direction could be used here on this little piece of psychotic artistry.  I will use a portion of my blog to answer these little questions with what little experience I’ve had in life.  Now mind you, I’m not a psychologist, nor work for a counseling organization.  This is just another Auntie M giving out advice, take it or leave it.  Usually if I have the facts, I can get right on target.

So, if I can help out, send me an email and we’ll see if I can come up with some solution for your quandry.

If not, then life goes on its merry way, occasionally chucking dead cats into sanctuaries as the great H. L. Mencken once wrote.

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