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Valentine’s Day

A happy St. Valentine’s day to everyone.

Now that the day comes to close and my husband and I have shared dinner together, I’ll finish up the day with another post.  I’m grateful to have a great guy in my life, not only today but everyday.  Granted we have our share of problems, often driven by external forces, but we always seem to keep each other going.

I suppose that’s what it’s all about.  People often look at us and consider we have a special relationship, which we do.  Of course, they don’t realize that this all takes a lot of communication, tons of trust and talking about everything.  Not that we don’t have our little secrets but we share a lot of what’s going on or what’s in our heads with each other.  In that respect we definitely have something special and unusual when we look at other couples.

We met when I was still in the States.  My relationship was winding down, thankfully, and my mother had passed away.  I decided to get into a virtual world to pass the time and that’s where we met, through our avatars.  We spent months and months typing to each other, and then talking when they developed voice capabilities.  He called me often at work and we spent more time online.  He came over to meet me and we hit it off.  So when I lost my job and things looked grim, he asked me if I’d like to move to the UK and start a new life.  I thought about it and the pluses were definitely there, especially being with a great guy.  So I packed it all up, packed it all in and moved across the pond.

That was 9 years ago.

And we’re still going strong, despite traumas like health issues or deaths.  We keep an even keel with each other regardless of work stress or otherwise.  And all of this because we know each other very well.  Too well sometimes it seems as we frequently finish each others sentences.

Anyhow, I think the point of this is:  love isn’t for the good times.  Love is for every time.  So if you choose to love, do it fully.

Don’t you fret.  I’ll return to my usual sardonic, sarcastic self tomorrow no doubts.

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