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From Blogger: Thanksgivings

Originally Published on Blogger:  09 Nov 2015

As we approach the glorious holiday of Thanksgiving (bleh), I’d like to actually take a moment to say what I’m thankful for:

–  Waking up each morning.  I get the joy of a husband to smile at, cats that purr and snuggle you to wakefulness, thrilled at another day of seeing us, and just the fact that I can face another day

–  My husband who brings a lot of love to my life and makes me laugh a lot.  He’s a great guy, even with all the situations we need to handle.  At least we get to go through it together!

–  My sister and her boys.  What a great lady she’s grown up to be.  And my two nephews are just the greatest two guys on the planet.  We’re always wishing them the absolute best of things.

–  The few long time friends which I keep.  Yes, they’re out there, and we keep in touch.  They’re essential to my life and always there to provide a good laugh, some advice or help when needed.  In return, we do the same and always look forward to every day we can meet up with them, have a good time or support them through the bad times.

–  The cats.  Yes, they’re a source of frustration at times but I love them and couldn’t get through a day without them pouncing on me.  I just wish they would stop bullying each other.

–  A job.  Yes, a constant source of misery at times, but on the whole, I have a very fulfilling job.  I know for a fact that if I weren’t working, I’d be a basket case, much more than usual.

–   My health.  While never perfect, I’m a lot better off than most people.  And I can’t complain because I’m damn thrilled to be healthy and able to help others.

–  The future.  It sure looks good from where I’m standing!

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