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One of my biggest faults is my duality.  By this I mean that I’m frequently of two minds about things.  I can make decisions, one way or the other, if needed, but in many things I don’t feel inclined to.

Perhaps it comes from astrology, although many will say it’s all a load of clap-trap.  I’m born under the sign of Cancer so I should be all emotional, domesticated, and overall a touchy-feelly person.  I’m not, by any stretch of the imagination.  My rising sign is Gemini, which I take on more of the traits.  And as such, I’m of two minds.  I can see both sides of an argument, the values and faults of either view.  I’m also very intellectual, so I think and at times over think things through.

Take for example the issue of abortion.  I can see both sides of the argument.  I may fall more in the pro-choice camp than the pro-life camp.  But saying this, I have my own views on abortion.  Personally, if two people decide to do the dirty then they take the consequences of that, whether straight or gay.  It’s not only the risk of infections, because that’s a possibility, but also the risk of getting a bun in the oven, if precautions aren’t taken.  Now there’s both sides of that camp too, who say it’s woman’s responsibility or it’s a man’s responsibility but I have to say it’s BOTH of your responsibilities!  You always got the option of saying no, don’t you?  So you roll the dice and take your chances and lo!  Suddenly you got a present you didn’t ask for.  In those instances, I don’t agree with abortion.  You could have prevented it and quite frankly, you took the easy way out by aborting that fetus.  I feel that if you make a mistake, you take the results of that and own up!  I think that getting pregnant because you’re drunk or can’t take the necessary safeguards ahead of time and then deciding to remove your mistake makes you a weaker person and thoughtless.  Rape or danger to the child / parent, I can see that being wholly valid.  So you see, I’m of two minds.  And since this whole scenario means absolutely nothing to me, I’ll take neither stance nor support either effort when they come knocking on my door.

The Trump situation is another case for me.  One the one hand, he’s an idiot.  Plain and simple, he’s a petulant child who has yet to prove his worth, in anything.  People extol the fact that he made millions and was a successful business man, but the truth of the matter is that he was a colossal failure in the realm of business and only became what he is because of his money and yelling at the right people.  He’s got at least 6 bankruptcies under his belt in addition to lawsuits which he makes go away.  He’s got all the tact of a Neanderthal, the mentality of a child denied his favorite toy.  So far he’s shown that he’s not up to the job, either through his own miscalculated undoings or by the machinations of his underlings who he seems to put his misplaced trust in and they fail him every time.  He’s a personality, not a person.  Saying this, he’s tenacious.  So far he’s stood his ground, but we’ll see when he starts to waffle.  They all do in that office.  He isn’t afriad to piss people off, which is good for a president because frankly, you can’t please everyone with your decisions.  And those that aren’t happy with it, you have to let them be unhappy.  We’ve had too many presidents who’ve tried to placate the unwashed masses and that’s simply not possible, therefore we’ve had half-assed and unthought through policies initiated which have only fueled the fires of discontent.  We have a massively angry nation in the States and it’s not going to get any better until someone actually puts their foot down and smacks the children around a bit.  I can see why he’s done some of the things he’s done.  His ultimate goals seem valid, the execution sucks.  I can’t seem to understand how he plans to get from point A to point Z without going through the rest of the letters, but that’s what he seems to be doing.  Baby steps, Mr. President.

Gay marriage has also been another grey area for me.  On the one hand, I view marriage itself as a religion rite.  I’m not sure if anyone knows this but when you get married in the States, even by a religious leader, you still have to register with the state for your benefits, legally.  So technically you have marriage (religious) and civil partnership (legal).  Whether you do it or your priest does it, either way, you got two sides to it.  Now gay culture has been offered civil partnership, which legally is great.  If they want their church to do a wedding and they’re amenable to it, great… you got marriage.  It takes more hoops to jump through but the result is the same.  What I think should be done is for the word marriage be dropped from legality and go with civil partnership all around.  Leave the marriage to the theologians.  As a note, I am officially married to my husband.

The human race has far too much ambiguity in society now, too many issues dividing the cultures, and I can’t see any point in the future where they’ll come to common ground, hold hands and sing a righteous chorus of Kumbaya.  As such, I leave the human race to the winds of fate and the terrors of the night while I watch from my own little ivory tower, eating popcorn and giggling mercilessly.

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