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Lately there’s been a plethora of posts shared on Facebook by my friends and compatriots about everything from complete, utter balderdash to political issues faced by the world to puppies.  While I do take an interest in some of the events taking place in the worlds, and yes, I do have my opinions on most of it, some of them are taking these things to heart and making them into personal crusades.

Back in the day even I tilted at windmills, I will admit that.  But I choose my personal causes with care, and only if I actually intend to do something about it.  These people, I’m sad to say, seem to be bitching for bitching sake.

I’m all for supporting something you believe in.  I fully endorse backing a side of an issue if you really feel this affects you.  But be sure to gather your facts and formulate your defense logically.  Most of the ones which I’ve noticed lately have been half-truths or only one perception which tells me that said person hasn’t quite gotten the grasp of the whole situation.

I have people which I follow on Twitter who go off on complete rails, ranting to the holy heavens as if they were going to change the system with the sheer volume of their voices.  No amount of posting the same vitriolic rhetoric over and over is going to do one damn bit of good and will more than likely attract trolls or even, and this is important to fellow bloggers, make people un-follow your posts!  No, seriously, they will.

When confronted with the other side of the argument or forced to face the fact that they’re working themselves into a frothing lather, they get even more heinously vulgar and you can almost hear the little vein in the forehead throbbing over Cyberspace.

So, here’s a few suggestions:

Tone it down and present your argument calmly.

READ several articles, facts, resources, etc so that you get the full gist of the scenario.

Don’t shy away from discussion.

Don’t berate others who may not agree with your point of view.

And IF you have a valid cause, IF you feel so strongly about something is raises the bile within you, or the fire in your soul, for the love of all that’s unholy, form / join a REAL group and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  Bitching and moaning on Facebook and the like only makes you look like you’re bitching and moaning.

It’s as my mother said:  Opinions are like assholes;  everyone’s got one and no one wants to hear it.

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