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Chris Crocker, Beautiful Soul

For some time now, I’ve been watching a young man as he goes through the maze of life.  While I keep myself detached from the human race as much as possible, there come along certain individuals who continue to resonate in my mind.  In my own way I keep them in my heart and mind, always trying to send the most positive energy I can their way.

One such person is Chris Crocker.  While he burst into the scene with the “Leave Brittany Alone” video, he’s proven to be one of the most versatile individuals and quite beloved by his fan base.  I’m one of them, just so you know.  He’s a blogger, or rather vlogger, as well as an accomplished singer and a celebrity in his own right.  I take my hat off to him (if I wore hats, okay I’ll don the Southern Belle hat for this one occasion!) for the road he’s traveled.

I can certainly symapthize with growing up in a constrained environment and the amount of abuse one can attract in the school systems.  Frankly, the school years are the most nightmarish years of anyone’s life.  I can relate to his thoughts, dreams, and frustrations with this world.   I find his humor to be refreshing on a day when I lose my perspective and just want the damned asteroid to hit the planet already.

I find him to be just like any of us.  Just as confused about the hand that life throws you.  Just as frustrated by the injustices which we face.  Just as joyful about the glory of every day of living.  I love to see his eyes sparkle, and the laugh which seems to fill up the monitor.   To me, through all the craziness, he’s got a beautiful soul that shines like a beacon.

I find that he gives inspiration to many, hope to those who feel lost, and a direction to those who may think there’s no way out.  Maybe if there were more people who chose to be as honest with the world as he is, there might be a little less misery of self and a lot more acceptance of the diverse nature we find in everything.

As I mentioned, he touches me in my soul.  There’s times I’d like to just sit and talk things out with him, maybe help or just listen.  When I can see through the facade, past the mask, and feel the hurt however well it’s been hidden, I have the desire to throw my arms around him and shelter him or tell him that it’ll be okay.  Sometimes that’s all we need.  Alas, he’s there and I’m here.  He’s known and I’m always hidden.  At the very least, he’s on my mind.

Mr. Crocker: My respect and love, may you always shine.  Even when you think the hour is dark, or that no one understands, we do.

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