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So it’s Gay History month

Or so they say.  Yeah sorry, I’m not going with the new LGTB-MNOP political correctness.  Just figure that Gay is all inclusive and we’ll get on just fine.

Which brings me to a point.  Ah-ha, you were waiting for that I bet.  An actual point.  So the point is, if the LGBT community is all this happy inclusive hold each other’s hand and sing Kum-ba-ya family, why does everyone need their own distinguishing letter of the alphabet?  Do they thing they’re left out?  Better than that, do they think they’re particularly special?  Maybe they need different things than the rest of the letters do.

I do remember when I was helping to get the Human Rights Ordinance passed in Chicago a million years ago that I pondered this.  Especially since lesbians decided they were going to be called ‘womyn’ and took offense at being included in ‘gay’ community events.  Suddenly, it had to be gay and lesbian.  Funny… I do believe that piece of legislation, at the time, was  called HUMAN rights ordinance because it didn’t only cover the homosexual lifestyle but also people with disabilities and others.  Oddly, all human.

Of course, bisexuals then felt slighted because they didn’t really fit in either side of the fence.  So let’s give them a notation to add to the mix.  And let’s not forget the transgender community, admittedly one of the more put upon sub-cultures and admittedly probably the ONLY group that should feel entitled these days.  And the Q?  Oh, that’s Queer, whatever the hell that one is.

Okay, so rant over.  Point being… gay, on this page, is all of them, unless I say gay men, lesbians, etc.

So, Gay History month.  It’s actually not Gay History month, as far as I can tell, in the UK, because that’s suppose to be February.  You know, so we can piss all over Black History month at the same time.  How about Minority Month?  That’s a good one to use.

And in the US, it’s supposed to be October, which makes sense since National Coming Out day (have they made that International yet?) is October 10.

Looking at the calendar, it’s January.  So either I’m in the wrong month for Gay History month or someone switched the date and didn’t send out a memo.  Or possibly they got the posters wrong!

So, in February, I’ll do a real Gay History post.

And by the way…

The Stonewall incident was started by drag queens / transsexuals, hustlers and lesbians so all you macho muscle pumped queens out there can tip your pecs at them.  And to the liberators stated above, guess what?  You’re gay too!

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