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From Blogger: Beginnings II

Originally Published to Blogger:  01 Jun 2016

37 celebrity deaths so far and it’s only April.

And yet, I know this won’t be popular opinion, the toxic people who frequently blemish the world stage with their presence aren’t taken out of the scene, either with a giant cosmic stage hook or some other variety of angelic dismissal, preferably more entertaining.  I’ve got a list, oh great spirits in the sky, if you want it.

Saying such, I’ve pretty much removed most of the toxic people from my life, leaving those very few exceptions which I keep around for entertainment purposes, but I always keep just out of reach.  I can’t express how much better my life has been with the fat cut out and the meat kept in.  I can say that I’m thankful every day for the people in my life, and for the fact that I’m a part of theirs.  One must appreciate the little things which ultimately add up to the bulk of our existence.

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