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Observations on the British Driver

Seriously!  What the heck is wrong with British drivers?  Aside from the total disregard for anything which comes out of the rules of the road book, they all seem to have some form of depth perception problem, which is something coming from a person who doesn’t have any depth perception at all!  Let’s look at these one by one.

Turn signals as an option:  Yeah, oddly they’re not.  Yet, with all of the twisty roads and rotaries that are here, you’d think that they’d use them.  Guess what guys… they’re not a convenience.  Some people would actually like to know what the car ahead of them are going to do before they do it and make you palpatate.

I can turn wherever the hell I want:  Um, actually, you can’t.  There’s a reason why they don’t allow right or left turns in areas.  Maybe, just maybe, because the road layout doesn’t allow for it so oncoming traffic would have to swerge all the way to Hull to get around your ignorant ASS!

Going 20 miles under the speed limit is cool:  Get real, people.  There’s a reason why there’s a minimum speed limit.  If you car is too crappy to do an appropriate speed, or you’re too freaking scared of the traffic to drive on a road that does more than 20 miles an hour, do everyone a favor and stay home.  Some people DO know where they’re going and DO want to get there in a timely fashion.

Going 20 miles OVER the speed limit is cooler:  You won’t be thinking that when some random pedestrian decides to take a walk on the wild side and right in front of ya.  Actually, with the amount of people who never use crossings, I have no idea why they bother putting them in and just let the idiots play chicken in the streets.  More fleshy speed bumps for all.  But seriously, doing 40 in a 20 when there’s kids playing, who aren’t paying any attention to anything, is just asking for a whole lot of hurt.

Crossing 3 lanes of traffic, yeah, gotta get to that fish n chips shop:  I know the roads in Britain suck for signage but couldn’t you plan ahead?  Cutting across even 1 lane of traffic causes the drivers in that lane to blow their tops, but you just happily go on your way, regardless.

You could fit a semi-trailer in there:  Honestly, people, tighten up the line.  Going 5 miles an hour in heavy traffic is NO reason to leave a 5 car gap.  And if you’re switching into a lane, switch into the damn lane already!  What do you need?  A personal engraved invitation?  This is where the depth perception issue comes in.  Oh yeah, throw in passing a vehicle that’s parked.  They swing WAY OUT to get by it.  For heaven’s sake, I’ve only clipped a mirror once, and only once.  But I don’t need to be in another post code to pass a parked car.

Rant over.  Love, life and laughter to all.

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